"Tessa" Pink First born girl 5:15am 1lb 1oz

"Luke"Blue Second born male 5:00am 15 1/2 oz

"Faith" Blue/Orange 3rd born female 5:15am 14 5/8oz

"Sconnie" Yellow 4th born girl 6:30am 13 3/4oz

Litter pictures


Arabelle & Jiggs litter born 8-9-09 3 females 1 male all have homes

"Jiggs" Kick Em Up Outcast of Shiloh OFA information Pedigree

"Arabelle" Champion Midwest Dream Double Shot JD Junior Hunter OFA information

Faith at the vets office for holloween


Just two shots 08-14-09 then batteries went dead.

2 days after birth getting fat tummies.

Day before puppies were born just trying out the box and a bit confused.







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