Arabelle, Abby,Rose Stormy, Rhonda & Star Lyttle Asia Blues Parker Brady Truman Wallace Normal play in our house with friends "Jude" Phil playing with Westie puppies Ally Stormy & Jigs puppy Stormy & Jigs puppy Lexi & Abby after a full day of playing








From our clients:

Hello Rhonda!

Schatzi turned two yesterday (Litter from Lacey and Topper 12-11-11) and I took her hunting today..Here she is with her first two roosters as a two year old! She is a hunting machine to say the least! Listens well no e-collar necessary since she doesn't range too far and is a real joy to watch track! She still needs to steady on point but that will come with more field time and birds that hold tight...I have had her hunting 4 times this year with many more hunts to come in the coming months....

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and will send more pics as our future hunts unfold. Like always feel fee to use any of my photos for your website!




Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2015 8:10 PM
Subject: Murphy in Madison

Hi Rhonda,
Here is Murphy from the Lacey/Romeo 2014 litter. He is such a great dog, we love him so much! He is sweet, smart, and well behaved for the most part. He loves his people kids and loves his morning runs with me. Thank you for such a great dog!
We hope you and your family are well!
Jennifer and Josh Hoyt


I hope you, Ron, and the pups are all doing well.  I have not been in contact with you much but I wanted to give you an update on a Ace.  You will recall that I was particularly interested in finding a Weim that had good field possibilities. My family has gotten that a much more!  At our local NAVDHA training sessions Ace has become known as the "Wonder Pup".  We have been participating in the NAVDHA training days most every month since Ace was about 4 months old.  I could not be happier with his temperament,  trainabilty, nose, and bird finding ability.

In the beginning, and to some extent still, we did struggle with crate barking, but that is the only minor complaint, and he was that way as a puppy you will recall.  I have consistently done a lot of bird introduction with him from early on, and he regularly gets a chance to run/hunt.  I could not be more pleased with his range at 10 months.  His normal range is 75 to 150 yards out, but depending on the terrain he will come in closer in lightly wooded areas, or spread out a bit further in open fields.  He has taken well to whistle training while running, which means that I can turn him in a direction, bring him in, or move him off a distraction with whistle or voice commands.  That is pretty impressive for a 10 month old Weim.

Several weeks ago he ran in his first Hunt Test with the Visla Club here.  Because it was new to him , the second day was much better than the first.  He did not get a leg on JH because he did not hold point just flashes and dive in.  (Does a natural point come later in your lines?) But, boy did he find birds, and hunt wide with a purpose.  He found at least 7 coveys of quail.  We ran towards the end, and he found birds that many of the SH's did not.  Long story short I have no doubt that we will be putting at least a SH on him, and who knows with the way he runs, and his trainability, I don't think Field Champion is out of the question.

Ace is a beautiful specimen of a Wiem.  His confirmation is outstanding, and the movement for the show ring is undoubtedly there. This summer  I have the great opportunity to have ace run with the great pointing dog trainer Mo Linldley.  Mo was very complementary of how good his confirmation, and temperament, and he was impressed as well with his interest in the bird field. 

Beyond that he is a well behaved silly boy that is loved by all.  Now his is not a calm Labrador type dog, as he should not be, and he is definitely starting his teenage years by trying my authority.  I came to you for Weim because I wanted a hunting companion and I love the energy that he has, and having trained a few dogs I expect him to go through this stage.  At the end of the day my family made and excellent choice with Midwest Dreams.

Roland Blanding
Midwest Dream Acey Deucy
Lacy X Topper 12/10/11

Hi Rhonda,

Nona Schley here. We spoke on the phone a couple few years ago, about using one of my males. More than likely you do not remember me, but the reason I am writing is to let you know how wonderfully one of your pups is coming along. You sold a pup to Pat and Lola B. The home is awesome, completely loving and completely centered on the puppy. I had sold Lola her last Weim. I got to see my puppy up until she died recently. So I do stay in touch with Lola. Last Saturday, I got to see Lovina again, and I was totally blown away by how well that little thing hunts!! It was incredible. Counting my own dogs, with one exception, I do not believe I have ever seen such a young puppy produce like Lovina. Her nose is awesome and she uses it correctly. Her points—gave me goosebumps watching her work. They wanted to tie ribbons on the weeds where Lovina’s birds were, I told them not to bother, the puppy already had that down. So they trusted me, and that pup worked every bird to perfection. Her retrieves are coming along great too. Lovina is very confident which I saw when I first met her at 8 weeks. Every bit of her training is very gentle training, and she behaves well. She is a very nice girl! Thought you’d like to know this-- Nona

Rhonda, I have been meaning to write to you, but obviously am just getting around to it now.

Buck is such a wonderful addition to our home. I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with him. He was the perfect dog on the ride home from your place. Not even a squeek - which is rare for any dog on their way to their new place. He has slept through EVERY night including the first night here. His personality is developing more everyday & he is a charmer. He is very social & loving and oh, so smart!

He got to meet his "two-legged brother" this weekend when we traveled with him to Kearney. Again, he was a champ in the truck riding in his kennel & was the perfect hotel guest. Not a peep out of him the whole night.

Mark has been working with him a little in the field, but also allowing him to just run in the open field. He is fast & comes to the whistle already.

Please know that he is happy & has brought a great deal of joy to us already.

I will keep you posted on his continued progress. Thank you so much!

Kriss & Mark K

Rhonda, I first heard of Midwest Dream from a friend of friend who had received a dog from you two years earlier. When deciding on a breeder I had narrowed it down between Midwest Dream and one other. I knew instantly that MD would be the one for us when I received a response back from you ask me a host of questions before answering mine. My wife and I convinced we had made the right decision when we came down to meet both you and Ron and some of your dogs, you both were so welcoming and offering advice and tips about living with a weim. When the time came to choose Oban, we looked to you for advice and you could not have been more spot on with temperament, personality, and cuteness. :) He has picked up on a lot of the training and we are excited about starting school with him in September. Rhonda, you know your stuff and your passion for your animals is nothing short of amazing, Oban has wowed everyone he has met and he has become a neighborhood favorite. Thank you for allowing him to join our family. If anyone needs a personal referral please feel free to share my number with them.
Thank you, Brandon, Susie & Oban

Hi Rhonda,

Attached are a few pictures (out of thousands) of "Lily", formerly "Pink Girl". I feel badly for not updating you on her progress sooner. Lily is doing magnificently (as my daughter Katie would say) and is a totally spoiled Weimaraner baby, as she deserves to be. We are really enjoying having a puppy, as we didn't get our last Weim, Penny, until she was three years old. Lil is definitely a handful at times, but is better everyday. She is incredibly loving and sweet. She keeps an eye on all of us and we all have an individual relationship with her, but it is so nice to see that she has that special bond with her Mommy - my daughter, Katie. She's a cuddler and snuggler and has attached herself like glue to Katie when they're together. She's a very special girl and we feel especially lucky to have her.

I hope all is well with you!



Hello! Things are going good with Maizy, above is a Family photo of us at Moose Lake State Park, went up their for just the day to visit my family and introduce Maizy to the family, she had such a fun time in the start that she passed out the majority of the rest of the day. I'm going to create a Facebook page for the girl as soon as I can find some free time. Vet visit on Sat. went great, all tests came back with no issues and we already have scheduled the date with them for the other stuff she needs done. She is getting better at sleeping through the night in her kennel, however she still goes pee in her kennel often, so I'm not sure if its that her bladder still needs to grow or if we just need to keep at it with the potty training. Current rythme is to let her out often and reward for going outside and do the recommended clap of hand when we catch her going inside saying "no" and bring her outside right away to finish and then reward her outside for going with praise and a treat. She does like the treats you recommened and so we bought more, and are going to go with the same food you have been giving her as well. Hope all is well, Thomas



Hi Rhonda, We are celebrating one week with Luna and what a fun week it has been. She is so calm, but inquisitive and, of course, chews on alot of things, but does respond well to a tap on the nose to stop the behavior. She slept 5-1/2 hours last night and woke at 4:00, Mike put her out and then crated her until 5:00. Pretty darn good behavior. Luna has been introduced to alot of people since we've been home and she is so good when people greet her. No jumping, no biting, she sits and looks at the people, but her tail is wagging like crazy. She is a cuddly girl (which we enjoy) and likes to sleep on your lap. She navigated the steps to the second floor on the second day, but it took her another day to figure out coming down the steps. I hung a rope on the shepherd's hook in the front yard to mimic your tire swing with the rope. She pulls on that every time she goes out.

Thank you for all the wonderful information on caring for our puppy. We know you put so much effort into the three ring binder and it is a great reference book. Luna keeps the wood tick toy near her and it is a great conversation starter with our friends. I enjoyed meeting you and Ron and thank you again for breeding such beautiful dogs and making them available to us. Luna had her first visit with our vet and has been started on her shots...everyone at the clinic thought Luna was the prettiest puppy and held her and kissed her. What a show! We had a ball showing her off. Luna weighs 16 pounds..getting a little heavy to carry around. I can't stop kissing her face.

Warm Regards, Char and Mike


Hi Rhonda, Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much we LOVE our puppy! We can't believe how much he is growing and learning. He is doing great with his crate training and has started to ring the bell on the door when he needs to go outside. He loves everyone he meets and loves to go everywhere with us. We started an obedience training last week and he loved it. Thank you for all your help and suggestions. We couldn't be happier with Almanzo! Blessings,
Heidi & John Palm PS. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks!

Having owned two Weimaraners before (growing up as a child and again as an adult), I'm very picky when it comes to finding the right dog.
Being a Chicago TV news reporter and knowing the pitfalls of not finding a reputable breeder, I did my homework, researching local breeders and talking to folks to get the "real story. The last thing you want are the health problems associated with "puppy mill" breeders looking to make a quick buck.
After researching on line and visiting various breeders near the Chicago area, we found the place we were looking for - Midwest Dreams.
When you meet Rhonda at Midwest Dreams, it's immediately apparent that this is a woman who loves her beautiful dogs. And she has the ethics and passion that it takes to breed as fine a Weimaraner as you'll find anywhere.
It took us just over three hours drive-time to reach Mechanicsville, Iowa, home of Midwest Dreams. But the effort was well worth it.
I'm not a hunter and living in a densely populated suburban Chicago community, our goal was NOT to find a gundog but to bring home a healthy, happy, well-mannered Weimeraner pup to fit into our family's busy lifestyle.
Bottom line - we wanted a family dog for my kids to enjoy (ages 11 and 13). The decision to own a Weimaraner comes with an important time committment - we explained this to our kids. Everybody has to be ready to pitch in.
And the experience has been more than we could have hoped for. With the whole family helping out with frequent trips outside to "potty" and exercise, the crate-trianing has worked remarkably well.
Rhonda even provides you with a complimentary Midwest Dreams "Guide" to help you understand how to successfully care and train your dog in the early stages when you bring him home. And she offered us numerous tips that have served us well.
I knew that with the right training and vigorous exercise that they require (with lots of love) that this magnificent breed makes the loyalist of companions.
But it starts with a happy and healthy dog and the right breeder. And I'm happy to say that Midwest Dreams fits the bill.
In so many ways, our male Weimaraner puppy from Midwest Dreams has exceeded expectations to quickly become a member of our "pack." And we have Rhonda and Midwest Dreams to thank.

Julian Crews
TV News, Travel and Food personality
Chicago, Illinois

Whitmarsh Family

Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11:00 PM Subject: Summit Update

Hope everything is going wonderfully for all of you! I just wanted to send and update and some favorite pictures of Summit. I can't believe he is already 1!

Summit sure is a charmer. He loves the sun and has to always be in the sun when he's laying on the floor (which usually means he has to consistantly crawl across the floor as the sun moves). We have taken him to a couple puppy/obedience classes over the past year and he is always the star of the show, seriously this boy is smart and puts all the other dogs to shame. He has his favorite tricks: play dead, roll over, pray, bow, if you say "nice to meet you" he'll politely stick out a paw... he's a hoot. Water is a huge source of fun for him, we went to the lake and besides for all the birds there, he loves loves loves swimming (especially when he can swim after ducks.... however they are always too fast for him) He is a little heater when he sleeps with me at night and HAS to be under the covers. Words cannot express all the joy he brings to our lives, you can't help but smile when you come home to the 'body-wag.'

Thank you for the joy you have brought to our life!


PS: We might be contacting you in the next year to get a second pup!


Our experience with Midwestdreams Breeders was flawless!  From the time we got the call that Arabelle was pregnant, we received updates.  Once she had her litter, we were immediately informed.  I personally liked the fact that Rhonda took the time to ask us several questions about our family and home prior to letting us put a deposit down.  There are so many places you can get puppies from, but to find a breeder who truly cares where their puppies are placed, is rare.

Picking up Luke was a very exciting day for us.  Rhonda and her husband not only gave us a couple weeks supply of food, but also gave us a folder that contained all of his vet history, pedigree information, chip information and training information.  Anytime I take Luke to the vet now, I just grab the folder and the updated information goes right into it.  She made it very easy for me to keep his records organized.  They answered all of our questions while we were there and have been available to answer anything we needed once we had him home.

Our dog Luke, without a doubt, come from very good stock.  Wherever we go, we get stopped.  People are always commenting on his appearance.  Although we do not plan on using him to hunt or as a show dog, just from watching him outdoors, his insticts are good and he retrieves remarkably.  He carries himself proudly.  His personality is awesome as well.  We have a child who is in a wheelchair, and Luke is his best friend.  Luke is very gentle and protective.  We also have 3 daughters and he loves to play in the back yard with them.

Training Luke has been a breeze.  He is EXTREMELY intelligent, and learns very quickly.  For only being 3-4 months old, he already knows how to sit, wait, fetch, drop and shake.  His manners are great too.  He knows not to jump up on people and if he barks, if you ask him not to, he'll stop.  He also knows that if I am in the kitchen baking/cooking, if he waits patiently and does not beg, he will get a special treat.  He will just go and sit on the rug and wait.

Vizsla's are known for wanting to be with you or on you, all the time.  This holds true to Luke.  He is a cuddler and likes to be held and loved on.  He is a great companion. 

Luke has been a great addition to our family and we look forward to having him be part of our lives for many, many years.



Just wanted to touch base and give you an update on Pete.  He has adapted very well and recovered nicely from the neutering.  He is just a loveable baby and sweet boy.  We completed Obedience I and until  Obedience II is offered, I am signing him up for Beginning Agility.  We introduced him to it at the end of our obedience class and he initially did not want to go through the tunnel but once he caught on, he was fine. My youngest son has even attended dog classes and has trained him as well.  He has gotten down our routine of crating during the day while I am at work and then out and about with us all night.  He goes EVERYWHERE  with us that we can take him and became the official mascot of my youngest son’s baseball team.  Everyone loves him and vice versa.  I have new pictures that I will send once I get them down loaded.  We walk a minimum of 4 miles on a daily basis and I run him off leash at least 4 to 5 times a week for extra exercise.  He loves to play fetch.  He has learned the basic commands of sit, down, stay and heel.  My youngest son has also taught him to shake and to give him a “high five”.   If possible, please forward the registration papers for him now that he is neutered as I would love to send in for a complete list of his bloodline with all of the designations.

Thanks again for such a wonderful pet.  He has such a beautiful disposition and personality.  I could not have found a better match for our family.  He has truly become a dear companion for me.  I really enjoy the time I spend with him on a one on one basis as well as at dog class. 


Your email makes me want to cry..........I had three homes pass him up because his tail was docked too short.........he was meant to be with your family.

First of all great I always love pictures and I have his papers here on my desk to send to you.

Also can I use your comments without any of your names in it on my testimonial page? May I also give your email as a contact for people inquiring about us as a breeder?

Keep up enjoying him he is a special boy,

It is funny that you say that because I was set on rescuing one and had been looking for well over a month when Julie G. mentioned your name.  I was concerned about the cost and really gave it a lot of thought.  God obviously meant for him to be with us because I still have not heard anything from Heartland Weim Rescue. So I know that He was saving him for us. And we love his little tail.  He is constantly wagging it.  Since my divorce over a year ago I have needed and wanted something that I could call my “passion” and I found it.  It was a dream of mine for quite some time.  I am so glad that I followed my heart because it led us to Pete.  I don’t know how many times I hear my youngest son say “ I love you Pete”.  I find that he is most happy when we come home at the end of the day because he is with his family.  And each work day he knows the drill. He goes out to do his business then comes inside for breakfast.  I try to lay down and get a little nap in with him for about 15 minutes before it is time to “kennel up” for the day.  At lunch time I run home to let him out quick and he knows to go back in his kennel. I don’t hear any whining or barking.  He is a strong learner.  And I forgot to mention that I have taken him to Camp Bow Wow where he can socialize with other dogs of his size and temperament.  I try to take him there for a  full day at least once a month.  I can watch him on the camper cam and he loves to run with the other dogs.  I think we’ll take him to the K9 Splash that they have in town at the end of the summer. Responsible owners can take their dogs for the day to Bever Park Pool which is a zero level entry pool and the dogs can swim before they close the pool for the season.  I like to socialize him with other dogs so that he doesn’t think he is human! 

You can certainly use my comments on your page and provide my email as a contact.  I could not be more pleased with our baby boy and I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for an excellent dog.  My 22 year old niece was over last weekend and she grew up with a weimaraner also. We were driving over to my parents (with Pete of course!) and she said out of the blue that she thinks he was a good investment. I told her that I definitely agree with her. 

I’ll keep you posted and forward pictures so you can see how he has grown. I think he has grown a lot since we adopted him.  His legs and arms seem to keep growing!  I may also stop by the vet’s office from time to time with him. 

Thanks again



Hello Rhonda - sorry it has taken me so long to get you some photos - lord knows we have a thousand!! Bock is doing really well - he is such a good boy - great temperament, smart, inquisitive, and he is training easily. We are so happy he has joined our family...and Trinka is too!! here are some photos for you...


Things about Dakota: Loves to: Swimming at the pool at the dog park, taking baths, eating soap, belly rubs, car rides, going to dog park, walking, and chewing on his beloved bones.  Dakota has several bones at home and when it is time to go bed he will bring all of his bones and favorite toys to bed.  I usually wake up due to sleeping on a bone or a toy.     Dakota, usually sleeps with me and loves to lay his head on the same pillow I am laying on.  It is not uncommon for me to wake up with a paw in my face.   Everyone loves Dakota.  His laid-back personality and affection for people attracts fans...when people see me, they always ask where is Dakota (because we usually travel everywhere together).   Dakota is very intelligent and has several puzzle type toys at home that I put treats in and he figures out how to get them out.  His favorite puzzles...a purple football and red Kong.  Of course these toys end up in the bed at night.   Overall, Dakota is very lovable and just love to be up under me all the time.  He knows how to do tricks as well.  Loves to perform especially if it gets attention or a treat.  He can "roll-over", show his "belly", give you his "paw", and of course the basic sit, stay, lay-down.  He knows how to go "over" items when commanded.  The next trick I am going to teach him is "under".   Cheryl King Owner of Dakota-One who loves a lot

My experience with the Grimms and Midwest Dream Breeders has been great.  I purchased Dakota from them in July 2007 from the 2007 litter.   From the time I picked up Dakota, he was already use to being handled, use to noises in house, people, other dogs, and had a very sweet temperament. IBefore picking Dakota up, I told them what his call name was going to be and they started calling by his given call name, so it did not take long for Dakota to learn his name once I got him.  He was pretty much potty trained....I mean he had only two accidents in the house during first few months .  Dakota is very intelligent and it did not take long to kennel train him or obedience train, but you want to start early, because Vizsla can be stubborn.  Make sure you give them plenty of exercise.  Dakota is pretty much a couch potato when he is properly exercised....a tired Vizsla is a happy Vizsla.    The Grimms provide you with everything you need, I had his shot records, he was already micro-chipped, and they provided me with a couple months of puppy food. They even gave me some hints on how to stop Dakota from mouthing when I picked him up.  I used the techniques and do not have any problems.   Even after you purchase a pup from Midwest Dream, they like to know how the pup is doing.  I try to stay in touch to let Rhonda know how Dakota is doing.   I have not had any behavior problems with Dakota....he acts like a typical Vizsla.  Also, I have not had any health problems.   I am so happy with my  purchase, I have signed up to get another puppy from the Grimms this fall so Dakota can have a play mate.   Dakota is neutered and is not used to hunt, show, or breed. Dakota just loves to lay on you and be with you at all times (i.e. follows you every where, likes for his body to be some where on you all the time).  So get ready for the pour of affection. Dakota goes with me pretty much every where I go and has fans.  He is a very lovable dog.  I have never had a dog this easy going and affectionate before.....he is my baby.....o'yea and he is spoiled.


We had a fantastic experience with Rhonda and Ron! Our puppy (who's a little over 2) was the perfect fit for us. We live in Virginia and so did not get a chance to see the pups or their demeanor prior to picking Ollie up. Rhonda really helped with picking the right pup for us--we were looking for a family dog that would be a great companion on long runs and hikes. Ollie is fantastic and has been since our first day with him. He's not skittish at all and was potty trained when we got him at 9.5 weeks. We drove from Iowa back to the DC area over the span of about 4 days and didn't have one accident along the way. He's the perfect family dog (very lovable and cuddly--see attached picture of Ollie and my husband-- this is a "normal occurrence"-- and what you can expect with a vizsla). We recently had a baby and he's been fantastic with her too! He licks her toes and lays down next to her when she's playing on the floor-- our only issue has been that he likes to try to "borrow" her toys---He doesn't chew them, just takes them and lays with them (which is very cute!!).
I can't recommend Midwest Dreams enough. They kept us in the loop during Stormy's pregnancy (sent pictures and updates) and Ollie's first weeks. Ollie is very well adjusted (not skittish at loud noises or nervous around people or dogs at all). He was easy to train and loves dog parks. We were even able to get a chip for him (through Rhonda) prior to him leaving Midwest Dreams (in case he was ever lost)--Fortunately for us he's a home body and doesn't like to be away from us so we've haven't used the chip. He's VERY social with other dogs and does excellent on the days where we've needed to put him in doggy daycare.
We had a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Midwest Dreams. Please let me know if you have any other specific questions:)
Good luck!


You may remember myself and my wife, Patrick and Jill Lyttle who adopted one of you puppies from the Sept 27th 2006 litter. Well her first year is past and I cant tell you how happy we are with the puppy that is now named Asia (Lyttle Asia Blues). I began working the puppy in the early spring with gun and bird training and continued throughout the summer. I put most of the work in myself, as I am an experienced trained of Police K9s, along with the guidance of a professional bird dog trainer, Brian Rousher of West Country Kennels in Glencoe MN. I have been working her on game preserve birds including, Pheasants, Chukars, Hungarian Partridge and of course started with Pigeons. I cant tell you how happy I am with the results as it has really brought out the natural talents of this dog and showcases the excellent breeding that has produced a really fine bird dog! I must congratulate you on producing such a finely bred dog. This dog is rapidly becoming the best dog I have ever owned. And that is saying quite a bit as I have been involved with several dogs at the national level! Please keep up the excellent work and I will refer any one interested in a finely bred Weimaraner to you and Mid West Dream Kennels.
Thank you,
Pat Lyttle

Hi Rhonda,

Yesterday, while home sick and getting better, I watched Oprah's show on
puppy mills.  They went through and exposed the horrific conditions and
treatment that dogs receive at these places.  The puppy mills operate on
acres of land, yet the dogs and puppies have never set foot on grass and
live in small wire cages in a state of constant filth.  It makes me so happy
that there are EXCEPTIONAL breeders out there like Midwest Dream Breeders
with you and Ron.  Our Parker would NOT be the same without all the love and
detailed care she got from day one as a puppy with you.  Your dedication to
producing solid Weimaraner puppies is highly respected, and I am glad you
continue to do what you do, so that serious owners (like Steve and I)
looking for an exceptional, solid Weimaraner puppy can bring a top of the
line dog home to love and create a lifelong bond with.  Keep up the great


Just wanted to take a moment and send you a couple of pictures of Reggie.  He has been a very active well behaved pup.   He has an excellent point and has been trained to respond to hand signals.  He is a complete lover and follows my wife all over the house.  This last years Pheasant season he had around 30 points none dry.  He works coveys well and seems to have a great nose.   I cant be happier.  He has added alot to our life and our older dog ( a 9 year old weimer, seems to be playful with him most of the time)    Well I know I promised you pictures, sorry it has been this long.   Rick

Hi Rhonda,
Just wanted to check to see if there will be a vizsla litter anytime soon.  I've attached some pictures of Ally.  She has been the greatest dog!


Hi Rhonda,
  Julie and I were just talking about you the other day.  Yes, I would
love to be a reference for you.  You are free to give my email address.
The address to give would be  Ruger is doing
great.  He loves birds and we are both getting excited for the upcoming
season.  I will try to send some photos for you.
If you need anything else let me know, Zach

Hi Rhonda ! I'd like to say hello and I'm going to send picture of Jude to you, I think we should be proud of him, isn't he hendsome ?                                                        Darek, Basia & Jude



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