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June 2010

"Arabelle" Ch Midwest Dream Double Shot JD JH & "Jaks" BISS DC AFC Remek's Red Storm Rising

We ended up with 3 males and 1 female in this litter and all puppies are placed.

7-23-2010 The puppies come to the side of the pen to be picked up. They are starting to come to pup-pup. We have a couple of names so far Green is now Gus and Blue is now Rusty........ They are wanting attention all the time and Arabelle is now saying that it is my turn to clean up after them!

7-18-2010 Lots of visitors to work with us and play. Phil (Arabelle's younger brother) & Ella (from Arabelle's first litter) came with Tawn and Justin to play. Later the McGee family came to see the puppies and get comfy.


7-12-2010 Safe and clean inside again

7-12-2010 Up and running first time outside so that I could clean the welping box and put fresh bedding in it.

7-4-2010 All eyes came open on the weekend. They are scooting but not up on all fours yet. The weekend of the 17th would be a great time to see them as they will be walking and playing with each other and start to show more personality.



First puppy born 7:53pm 6-20-2010 Female pink collar

6-20-10 She moved all over the bed with very strong contractions thru out the night. Today should be the day for our new babies. See below Arabelle and her labor coach Nic our nephew from Texas.

6-19-10 Arabelle's temp took a low dip today and she had several contractions so we are getting closer.




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