* * * * * Ryder on left * * * * * * Drew on right * * * * *

"Ryder" and "Drew" puppies * Born 12-22-2013

4 Girls & 3 Boys

All puppies spoken for.

Upcoming litter with our Romeo & Wynne (co-owned)


Sorry these are so slow coming its been a very busy/hard week to keep up.


Black collar male

We noticed today that his left eye is not as open as the other one so at a closer look it appears to have a haze on it. I have eye antibiotic on hand so I started it and he will go to the vet on Monday to be looked at.

Was White now Dk Green Collar Male....ya male not female.

Blue Collar Male

Red Collar Female

Green Collar Female

Pink Collar Female

Purple Collar Female



White Collar Female and our "Prada" meet and play in mommy's arms.


Updated pictures 1-1-2014

First visitors the Kempros family

Drew and the crew

First puppy born 12:35am

Candids of Drew and her growing belly.

Really not comfortable mom just sleep around me!





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