Now standing at stud to approved bitches

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Truman going home with Katie anc Chris 10-05-07 Truman 10-04-07 Truman saying no I don't want to play show dog now. 9-20-07 Truman sleeping with Jordan 2-15-08







CH Midwest Dream's Tru Jewel JH SD NSD NRD V

OFA information

Title Certificates

Congratulations to Katie on her incredible training and handling of Truman and to Chris and the whole family who supported her on this accomplishment.

Truman won Best Of Breed in Waukesha under Judge Ms Gretchen K Schultz

to complete his Championship. 7-27-08

Under Judge Mr Walter J Sommerfelt on 7-26-08 he went Best of Winners to earn his second major.

Katie with Judge Noe for Truman's 3point major, Group Forth placement & Group Forth in the puppy groups at 10 1/2 months of age, owner handled. Thank you Judge Noe 6-28-08

Truman's 1st 3pt Major win with Katie handling

Thank you to Judge Mr Donald M Booxbaum 6-1-08

Thank you to Judge Kathy Rust for Truman's first points. Badger Kennel Club Best of Winners & Best Puppy of Breed. Katie's first time handling.



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