"Riley" (above at 3 months old adopted from our 9/06 litter shown above that at 6 months), now has her AKC Championship

2006 litter






Interesting new information as to when it is the right time to spay or neuter please read

More information about bad effects of early Spay/Neuter


All of my puppies are from Health Certified Champion and Hunt titled parents. I do a minimum of OFA certification on Hips, Elbows, Thyroid & CERF eye tests on our breeding stock.  My goal is to of our Weimaraner's to be "CHIC" certificate. You can go to each adult dogs page to see what tests have been done on them.

The puppies are born in the living room in front of the couch in a whelping box. At 3-4 weeks they go to a larger "play pen" in our addition where they have more room to run and play. At 4-5 weeks added is an open kennel to allow them to get used to going into one and it helps to teach them not to potty in it for future house training. If weather permits they begin to go outside for short periods in a larger pen close to the house. This is when they really learn to come to pup-pup and start to learn to potty outside.

Puppies have tails docked and dew claws removed at 3-5 days of age, are wormed at 4 weeks and every week after. Puppies are micro chipped at 6-7 weeks with pre paid lifetime registration I fill out and register for you online. In keeping with the WCA Vaccination protocol they are not given a Parvo vaccine at 6 weeks. Puppies all go to the vets at 6 1/2 weeks for a health check up to get ready to go home. We release our puppies at 7 weeks. This is when the seeing eye foundation found that they are finished learning what they need from the mother/pack and are ready to start the human bonding.

When your puppy goes home we require a healthy puppy check within 7 days of going home to your own vet, with a copy of the label off the vaccine vial to be sent to me either email, text, fax or mail. I urge you to take a copy of the Weimaraner Club of America shot protocol with you or even take it in early to make sure they have the proper vaccine on hand. Here is a link to either send to your vet or to print it off to send to them. I require a picture of the vial that the vaccine is taken from sent to me.

Puppies are $2000 with limited AKC registration papers and require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to be in picking order after the puppies are born so that I am sure to have a puppy for you.

My dogs have had no issues with allergies, I believe it has allot to do with proper vaccine schedule, NuVet Supplements and great food. We have to date had no problems with twisted gut, we also only feed in the crate so as to try to prevent ever having a problem with it. It also allows you to monitor how much and how often your puppy is eating also keeping all the mess in the crate. Being off food is one of the first signs of trouble in your pets health.

We feed only Nutri Source Large Breed puppy food to our Weimaraner puppies and we use NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement, and require these to be continued to keep our guarantee valid. We do not use or recommend using oral treatments for fleas and ticks as it has been proven to cause seizures in dogs and must now be labeled to cause them. Only topical or collar treatments on our dogs/puppies. Use of oral flea & tick products will void any contract with me. The use of Plaque Off by Proden aids in keeping the teeth clean to avoid sedation and annual dentals, along with lots of natural bones and ears to chew on.

All of our puppies come with:

Micro chipped with pre paid registration that I register for you online

Up to date on treatments with pyrantel pomate started at 4 weeks and each week after.

Up to date on vaccines as recommended by the parent clubs vaccine protocol


Toy with the scent of the litter mates

Chew bone and/or cow ear

Nutri Source puppy food samples for the breed

NuVet Supplement Samples and information

Book: Which contains:
Going home letter and instructions
AKC paperwork
Micro Chip information
Copy of Health puppy check from our vet
Purchase agreement with our 26 month health guarantee
Care sheets and instructions from several aspects for training
Vaccine protocol from parent club

Most of all my 24/7 support. As I always have been I am here for the life of my puppies. My cellular phone is on me or next to me at all times and I am available for help questions to emergency treatment help until you can reach your vet or get to the vet. Having raised many puppies to adults, hunted with them and
worked at a vet clinic for five years I have a lot of valuable information for the care and treatment of emergencies.

Please email me at rhonda@midwestdream.com to inquire about available puppies or upcoming litters.


Vaccine information

Puppy Registration

Up coming litter

Pistol is bred to Chico puppies due from May 19th-26th, 2020 Please email me to be contacted when her puppies are born.


Grace & Chico puppies born 3-14-2020all spoken for

Bella & Chico born 3-7-2020 all spoken for

Bella & Jet born 4-7-2019 all placed

Charlotte & Ryder puppies 11-26-2018 all placed

. Jordan & Ryder litter born 7-12-2017all placed

Charlotte & Ryder all placed

Jordan & Romeo born February 14th, 2016 all placed

Lacey & Romeo puppies born 10-8-2015 all placed

Wynne & Romeo bred due around March 28th, 2015 all placed

Jordan & Truman due around the 27th, of February 2015 all placed

Lacey & Ryder born January 15th, 2015 all placed

Parker & Ryder born December 9th, 2014 all placed

Drew & Ryder born October 4th, 2014 all placed

Di & Jet born August 19th all placed

Parker & Ryder born June 7th 2014 all placed

Ruby & Romeo born May 31st , 2014 all placed

Lacey & Romeo litter born April 12th, 2014 all placed

Wynne & Romeo litter born 3-24-2014 all placed

Drew & Ryder born December 22nd, 2013 all placed

Ty & Di puppies born 9-19-2013 4 Females 4 males all placed

Parker & Topper May 30th, 2013 all placed

Lacey & Romeo litter born 4-3-2013 all placed

Drew & Rock born 2-13-2013 all placed

Di & Topper born 10-2-2012 All puppies are placed

Lacey & Tassilo Born September 28th, 2012 All puppies placed

Parker & Topper litter Born May 25th, 2012 All puppies are placed

Drew & Rock Born May 3rd,2012 All placed

Abby & Topper litter born 3-14-2012 All puppies are placed.

Lacey & Topper litter born 12-10-2011 All puppies are in homes

Di & Topper Puppies born 12-4-2011 All puppies are in homes.

Parker & Topper born 5-8-2011 all placed

"Abby" & "Topper" Litter Born 4-2-11 All placed

Born 1-12-2011 Di & Topper 4 Females 2 Males Born All placed

Bedlam Male Blue CollarGroen'sStella

Haas's Rudman's

"Abby" & "Topper" born September 10th 2010

8 males and 4 females all placed

Gunner BJ Atlas Abbie OskarAmigo Mikko Jaeger

Dk Blue Scarlett Lucy Ellie

"Di" & "Topper" litter born 1-6-2010 3 Males and 2 Females all puppies are placed.

Blue Smoke Corona

Duchess Di Drake

"Abby" & "Topper" litter born 9-6-2009 all placed

litter Purple Winnie Poo Kadi Sylvie Bentley Murphy Halle Lena

Di's & Topper litter born 2-9-09

Dam: "Di" CH Midwest Dream Streak Lady Gadiva Star

Sire: "Topper" Ch. Silhouette's Solid Gold CD RA JH NSD NRD V TDI

9 Wonderfully puppies 5 Girls and 4 Boys all are in loving homes

Lacey Jasmine Drew Remi Teilo Hill Keyser Benny litter

Star's litter born June 26th 2008
Dam: "Star"CH R&R Midwest Dream Instar

Sire: "Jay" BISS Ch Jewel's Heartland Flyer JH NSD NRD V

"Ada" "Bock" "Kenzi"

"Goldie" "Tucker" "Tank"

Born 6-5-08 Dam: "Abby" CH MidwestDreamBeautyBornBirdyAbbySire: "Truman" CH Rockville's Truman Greystone MH TDX MX MXJ VCD2 RDX SDX VX5 NAVHDA UT-1

"Aurora" "Bach" "Gibson"

"Lacey" "Newman" "Peete"

"Rock" "Truman"

All puppies from the 2007 litter have been adopted.
Dam: CH R&R Midwest Dream Instar "Star"
BISS Ch Jewel's Heartland Flyer JH NSD NRD V "Jay" Jay's Web site / Pedigree

"Truman" CH Midwest Dream's Tru Jewel

"Parker" Midwestdream Jewel In The Park

"Mahle" Jewel's MWDrm Driven By Performance

"Eve" MWDream New Beginning of Ryl Str

All puppies from the 2006 litter have been adopted.
Dam: CH R&R Midwest Dream Instar "Star"
Sire: CH Nani's indecent exposure JH "Streak"



"Di" CH Midwest Dream Streak Lady Gadiva Star

"Rylee" CH Midwest Dream All Ryled Up

"Romeo" CH Midwest Dream Star Born Romance Streak NSD NRD

All puppies from the 2005 litter have been adopted.  Airborn

Dam: CH R&R Midwest Dream Instar "Star"

Sire: CH Shabri Airborn V Shadyharts "Airborn"

Puppy Moments Photo Album

JudeJude Abby Dreamer HarleyRuger Remmington Reggy Leo

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